Quality products for your fur-babies to truly have the lifestyle they deserve ….. because they’re FAMILY.

It's A Sign

Thanksgiving 2014 …. A shaggy, old-looking dog wandered into my life off the streets of the Southside. After hesitation and some eye rolls from my boyfriend, he agreed to bring her home. A vet and grooming visit revealed our shaggy old dog to be an 8-month-old juvie. Since then, Wookie has stolen our hearts and brought joy into our lives.

Becoming a PET PARENT

Let’s be honest. The dogs you have while growing up are taken care of by your parent(s). Yeah, you love on them and let them sleep with you, but the parentals fork over all the money for food, supplies, and vet bills. While I loved my childhood pet (RIP Snickers), Wookie is the first pet that I have had full responsibility for…and it’s a game changer!


This wonderful journey with my dog is what led me to SouthPaw Waggery. All good pet parents want a certain lifestyle for their fur-babies…whether that’s the food in their dish, the gear they have, the apparel they wear, or the shampoo they’re bathed with. We want the best for them.

I found that I couldn’t get the essentials I wanted for Wookie easily or from a local merchant who could help me on my PET PARENT journey. So I decided to create the kind of place that brings together not just the necessities, but a full canine lifestyle experience with quality at the heart…because they’re FAMILY.

Welcome to the Waggery!